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The Juvenile Justice Continuum of Services provides leadership and advocacy to improve the juvenile justice system, provide prevention, intervention, and mentorship to reduce overall delinquency in Luna & Hidalgo Counties.

The Luna & Hidalgo Juvenile Justice Continuum of Services Advisory Board is established by the Sixth Judicial District Court, which provides the funding for a continuum of services for juveniles through a legislative appropriations. 

To promote and provide leadership and advocacy to the youth of the communities and improve the juvenile justice system, provide prevention services and reduce overall delinquency. 
To promote positive family engagement by encouraging youth and their families to participate in educational activities together and increase and improve academic involvement while strengthening family relationships.

Each County has its respective Advisory Board which is constructed of the following 12 agencies; 
  1. Sixth Judicial District Court (Judge) 
  2. District Attorney 
  3. Public Defender
  4. Juvenile Probation and Parole Officer
  5. Protective Services Division representative
  6. Public Schools Administration representative
  7. Mental Health Service Provider
  8. County Manager 
  9. Law Enforcement
  10. Youth Member
  11. Faith Based Community
  12.  Additional members that represent the community at- large and collaborative partners.
For more information contact us: 
Program Coordinator: Anadely Martinez 
Phone:     (575) 694-5243 
Email:       [email protected]

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