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The opportunity to serve the people of Luna County as a County Commissioner, whether appointed or elected, is a great honor that carries with it the responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of personal conduct in order to promote and maintain public confidence and respect for the County government. Every Commissioner must model integrity in all actions and practice good stewardship of the public trust.

Never can a Commissioner's personal, political or business relationships interfere with decisions that must always be made in the best interests of all of the people of Luna County. A Commissioner shall seek no favors and accept none. Personal aggrandizement and/or profit secured through confidential information or abuse of the public trust is dishonest and unethical.

Each Commissioner must accept individual responsibility for ensuring that County government is conducted openly and in the best interests of all the citizens of the County. A Commissioner is expected to strive for excellence through continuous learning, personal development and understanding of all operations of the County government. All decisions must be made on the basis of the best available data. Personnel decisions must be made on the basis of merit.

Meetings of the Board of County Commissioners will be conducted so as to allow the free and open exchange of ideas among the Commissioners and input from interested citizens on matters of concern to them. Discussion and debate will be characterized by courtesy and civility. Each Commissioner will strive to conduct regular community forums in their District to provide information to their constituents and to gather feedback on important issues.

The Board of County Commissioners has hired a Manager to free the Board from the burden of daily administrative and personnel tasks, to ensure that decisions are data driven and made on the basis of merit, to provide professional advice and guidance to the Board, and to ensure that the Boards plans and priorities for County government are implemented. The Manager reports to and is responsible to the Board. Individual Commissioners must not shrink from their leadership responsibility by deferring decisions for which they are responsible to the Manager, but neither can they attempt to impose their individual priorities or interests on the Manager.

Meet your Luna County Commissioners:

Ray Trejo, District 1 Northwest
(575) 694-0756
[email protected]

District Map

Colette Chandler, District 2 North & Southeast
[email protected]

District Map

John Sweetser, District 3 Southwest
Sweetser(575) 694-5771
[email protected]