The 2022 Luna County Tax Bills are being sent out beginning Tuesday, October 11. You can view your balances by visiting https://records.lunacountynm.us/treasurer.aspx?source=treasurer. For your convenience payments are accepted on the Luna County website, via phone 1-877-727-3243, drop box located at the south side of the Luna County Courthouse building, in person at the Luna County Treasurer’s Office, or by mailing your payment coupon and check to PO Box 1758, Deming, NM 88031. Any debit/credit card payments subject to a 2.5% fee or minimum of $2.00. You can sign up to receive your bill via email using your authorization code on your 2022 tax bill. The 2022 first half tax payments will be due on December 10, 2022, without any penalties or interest.