Luna County NM Alert

 Luna County NM Alert  is the official emergency notification system used by the County of Luna  to communicate with city residents during emergencies. This system is provided by Rave Mobile Safety and powered by Smart911 to send notifications by phone, email, text and social media to keep citizens informed of emergencies.

To sign-up for Alert , click here

Citizens can register to receive alerts for the following:

  • Emergency Notifications - Urgent, must-know information that may require action such as taking shelter. Alerts may include water advisories, road closures, power outages, evacuations, lock down situations, etc.
  • Community Wildfire Information - Information regarding current wildfires, wildfire education, prescribed burns, and smoke impacts within the Luna County, City of Deming, and Village of Columbus.
  • Emergency Preparedness Information - Receive emergency preparedness information, tips, and tricks as well as periodic emergency preparedness events.
  • Law Enforcement Community Information - Receive information from the Luna County Sheriff's Office regarding missing persons, criminal activity, and safety information.
  • Severe Weather - Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Special Event Information - Community events that may affect travel, business activity, and safety, including parades, demonstrations, emergency drills, and more.
  • Transportation Disruptions - Impacts to transportation services and routes including major road closures or events that affect travel within Luna County.


To update your existing Alert Luna County preferences, click here  to access your account.

If you are receiving calls on a landline you didn't register please email [email protected] with the following information:

Phone Number
"I am requesting to be removed from Alert Santa Fe as a Loaded Landline. I do not wish to receive emergency notifications from  Luna County."