Contact Information for the Sheriff's Office
Phone: 575-546-2655
Fax: 575-546-8533

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Luna County Sheriff's Department to provide the highest quality law enforcement protection to all citizens of Luna County and their property and the promotion through coordination with all other like-minded citizen groups and governmental agencies. 

  • To eliminate as much as resources allow, violent crime against persons, property crime, unlawful the influence of alcohol or drugs through the application of effective proactive law enforcement methods.
  • To use available resources to reduce traffic accidents, industrial accidents and accidents in the home, through traffic enforcement, support for code enforcement and community safety education.
  • To provide anti-drug, anti-gang, anti-alcohol abuse, and anti-substance use/abuse training and education for Luna County public school students.
  • To protect our senior citizens with home safety, abuse, and exploitation awareness education.