Adopt a road flyer
The Adopt-a-Roadway litter prevention initiative enables citizens to show their pride of residency in Luna County and reduce the amount of unsightly trash alongside the county roadways. Unkempt communities are more likely to have increased crime, decreased economic growth, and a decline in quality of life. The litter prevention efforts of the Adopt-a-Roadway program directly benefit the community through litter prevention, greater civic involvement, and are beautification.

The Four Easy Adopt-a-Roadway Steps:

1. Decide which road to adopt.

Since you will be checking it periodically, we suggest you pick a location convenient to your home, school, or business. Or, we can make suggestions of suitable roads.

2. Contact Us and Take Action.

Contact us to sign the Adopt-a-Roadway Agreement, confirming you will maintain the location for at least 12 months and have at least four cleanups during that time. Free garbage bags, trash grabbers, gloves, and vests will be provided for your cleanup days.

3. Contact us for Post-Cleanup Pickup.

Keep Luna County Beautiful will arrange for the removal of the filled garbage bags. They will also remove, litter, debris, or trash that is too large, heavy, or hazardous for your group to remove.

4. Receive Recognition for your group's hard work!

Each adopted section of road will be marked with two signs with your group's name. We will order your signs and have them installed at the proper locations. However, the greater reward will be your group's satisfaction in knowing they helped make Luna County safer and cleaner.