Health Council

The vision of the Luna County Health Council is to be the county’s network of agencies through which health related issues, community needs and collaborative partners are identified and addressed. 

The mission is to build on community strengths by positively addressing the needs through
collaboration of consumers and agencies, thereby increasing the wellness of families. We will work together to plan strategies for community health goals and to improve health and quality of life of county residents.

The Luna County Health Council is established pursuant to the authority provided by the 1991 New Mexico legislature, to help communities organize, identify and address local health priorities. The functions of health councils were reaffirmed in 2019 by the County and Tribal Health Care Act (HB 137). 
Health councils are mandated to identify community needs, resources, and priorities; evaluate the community’s system of care with an equity lens; and support education, programming and advocacy efforts to improve community health. 
The Health Council acts as an advisory committee to the Board of County Commissioners on health and wellness issues.

The Health Council is working on the following priorities:
1.    Mental Health
2.   Substance Use 

The Luna County Health Council has released its latest Fact Sheet, to view click here.

The Health Council meets every 4th Thursday of the month from 9-10am except for the months of July and December, there will be no meetings.
For more information, contact Brenda Aude at [email protected] or 575-694-5263.
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