County Staff

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Commissioners John Sweetser Commissioner District 3 (575)-546-0494
Assessor Alma Arias Certified Appraiser (575)-546-0404
Assessor Estela Chavez Senior Certified Appraiser (575)-546-0404
Assessor Isabelle Enciso Chief Deputy Assessor (575)-546-0404
Assessor Alexandria Garcia Senior County Specialist/Livestock/Personal Property (575)-546-0404
Assessor Casi Goldman Senior Certified Appraiser (575)-546-0404
Assessor Michelle Holguin Assessor (575)-546-0404
Assessor David Montano Appraiser Associate II (575)-546-0404
Assessor Maria Montano Senior County Specialist/Livestock/Personal Property (575)-546-0404
Budget-Procurement Joanne Joanne Budget & Procurement Director/Indigent Claims Adminstrator (575)-546-0494
Budget-Procurement Grisel Taylor Accounts Payable Specialist/Indigent Claims (575)-546-0494
Clerk Andrea Rodriguez Luna County Clerk
Clerk Berenda McWright Chief Deputy Clerk
Clerk Leslie Nabours Election Specialist
Clerk Diana Diaz Probate Judge
Clerk Maria Rudloff County Services Specialist Senior
Commissioners Barbara Reedy Commissioner District 1 barbara_reedy@lunacountynmus._
Commissioners Linda Smrkovsky Commissioner District 2 (575)-494-0512
Community Health & Welfare Julie Flores Case Manager julie_flores@lunacountynmus._
Community Health & Welfare Lauren Nunley Legal Advocate/BIP Coordinator
Detention Center Chris Brice Director (575)-544-0191
Detention Center Mary Gooding CJO
Detention Center David Townsend Records, Transport, and Juvenile Lieutenant, CJO
Dispatch Lauree Sanchez Dispatch Director (575)-546-0354
Dispatch Yovanie Granillo Operations Manager (575)-546-0354
Emergency Management Sonia Arteche Emergency Management Manager (575)-543-6567
Human Resources Rosa Porras HR and Payroll Specialist/Indigent Health Care Coo
Keep Luna County Beautiful Joe Padilla Administrator (575)-543-6620
Luna County DWI Prevention Program Teresa Ortberg Youth Preventionist (575)-543-6523
Luna County DWI Prevention Program Edith Vazquez DWI Coordinator (575)-543-6524
Manager John Long Starmax Facility Director
Manager Yossie Nieblas Executive Assistant (575)-546-0494
Planning & Community Development Judit O. Hatch GIS Coordinator/IT (575)-543-6652
Planning & Community Development Benny Ramon Floodplain Administrator (575)-543-6620
Planning & Community Development Patricia Rodriguez Adminstrative Assistant/ Special Event Coordinator
Planning & Community Development Frankie Tarazon Code Enforcement Supervisor (575)-543-6620
Road Mike Hatch Equipment Operator\Roads Operator (575)-543-2703
Road Martin Miller Roads Superintendent (575)-546-2703
Road Ricardo De La Torre Mechanic/Roads Supervisor (575)-546-2703
Sheriff Kelly Gannaway Sheriff (575)-546-2655
Sheriff Laura Garcia Administrative Assistant (575)-546-2655
Sheriff Luis Malina Civil Process
Sheriff Jose Martinez Captain
Sheriff Estella Ortiz Executive Assistant
Treasurer Gloria Rodriguez Treasurer
Treasurer Cindy Grado Deputy Treasurer
Treasurer Kristie Hobbs Administrative Assistant Deputy Treasurer
Treasurer Dora Madrid Chief Deputy Treasurer
Treasurer Lisa Maynes Deputy Treasurer
Parents As Teachers Anna Barraza Program Director (575)-567-1180
Parents As Teachers Zalenna Pinon Program Administrator (575)-567-1184
Assessor Mary Perez Appraiser Associate (575)-546-0404
Assessor Ashley Gallegos Appraiser Associate (575)-546-0404
Manager David McSherry County Manager (575)-546-0494
Manager Chris Brice Assistant County Manager (575)-546-0494