Teen Outreach Program

Mission: Empowers teens who are at-risk with the tools and opportunities needed to avoid risky behaviors – like dropout and teen pregnancy – and become leaders with a powerful vision for their future.

Luna County TOP Sites 
Red Mountain Middle School- 2 clubs (ages ranging from 11-13)
Deming High School- 2 Clubs (ages ranging from 13-18)

Luna County TOP has been in the Deming Schools for approximately nine years. On average each participant completes 27 volunteer hours in the community. TOP Facilitators provide eight community trainings that help parents and guardians learn to have an open dialogue with their children on being healthy adolescents, and not becoming a teen parent. 

Adult Identity Mentoring

Project AIM is geared toward 11-14 year old participants. This project provides them with valuable tools to succeeded in school and in relationships (family &  friends). The program helps participants understand that they are part of a community and that they alone can make a positive impact. Additionally, it allows students to think about the future and set short and long term goals to help them succeed. It also helps students think about their future selves in a positive light.

There is a total of four cycles consisting of seven week programs throughout the school year to include six hours of community service learning hours per cycle.

For more information about the programs, please contact Jessica Jara at (575) 546-6539 or

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